In a nutshell - ice cream that will appeal even to those who thought they were completely indifferent to it.

And in general - the business of people with absolutely "unfrozen" experience. To Mr.Pops.

Now we feel like experimenters, actually, as in the beginning.

We are like in a laboratory, where the result is tasted. If it suits us, it means it will definitely suit one of you!


About us
section one


How originated idea

In America, there is such a product - popsicle. It is something like our popsicle on a stick, but on a fruit basis. At the time of creation, in 2015, it was exotic for Ukraine. But we took a risk and did it.

section two


How it began

To make everything true, we focused on craft production: we did everything ourselves. We invented the first recipes and immediately cooked: at home, in the kitchen. What we got, we tested on friends. All ingredients were selected and fresh from the market.

At first it seemed to us that everything would be a success. But when we heard: "I will not eat your beetroot!" - we realized that we had to switch to the usual Ukrainian chocolate, cream, berries.

That's how the first hits appeared: Toffee and Strawberry with cream.

With them we went to run the embankment in Dnipro. More precisely, how to "run": every day we barely brought a cycle rickshaw with products to the location and stood there until the evening.

But by the end of the season, they began to participate in food festivals. Thus, we accumulated money for the first equipment, with which our production began. Now we are looking for and buying it all over the world. As well as ingredients.

We have the usual tastes. But there is also exotic. We tell the audience how to move from a simple taste to a strange one. If you are not afraid to try a familiar taste, then after this step, mutual trust begins. Now try the whole line - a point in your to-do list for the summer.

section three


How expanded

After the festivals in Dnipro, we went to Kyiv. There we started looking for partners, but we wanted special ones. They became the coffee shops of the third wave. Then they were joined by eco-markets, delicatessen shops, delicatessen chains.

Now we have representative offices in Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa (and before the war - in Kharkiv).

section four

will be

What will be next

And then the war came to our country. It destroyed all achievements and zeroed all plans.
Despite this, the guys and girls in the production work to ensure that our partners who have the opportunity to work in such a difficult time have our ice cream in the assortment. We continue to look for new partners who are suitable for us.
To understand whether we are on the way - just try it.